epa seal, carbon emission

epa seal, carbon emission

I read a story that Reuters ran today about the National Academy of Sciences idea for controlling climate change. I wasn’t impressed.

They want to follow and hopefully reduce the pollution of the most wealthy in the world – which currently produce more than half of the emissions. This sounds right. A small number of people are causing more than half the waste. They should be the ones who need to make cutbacks.

The problem is that they suggest taxing these people for items that pollute, or for extravagances. My problem is: How does this reduce emissions? All that a tax will do is raise the price – which is probably not a factor to the world’s richest anyway. So, lets say they pay the extra price in the form of the tax – how will that reduce emissions? It doesn’t.

We are not a “wealthy” American household, but in terms of the world population we are wealthy. Studies like the one the Reuters article describes are based upon the idea that American individuals produce 20 tons of carbon per year. I produce 8 according to the EPA’s online estimation tool. That is less than the eco-conscious Eurpoean individuals these studies hold high (10 tons per individual is the statistic).

My lower amount of carbon production is not a result of taxation. It is a result of being educated, and motivated. I wonder if there are any studies which link education and motivation to carbon reductions… I’m also wondering how taxing emissions or extravagances reduces carbon emissions. Someone please enlighten me. Of course, I’m half kidding. I’d like to understand the logic in these arguments for taxes, but I really don’t think there is logic in them. As a Christian who cares for God’s creation – the environment – I’d like to promote any idea that will help preserve the environment.

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  • My results:

    or 18,437 pounds of CO2 per year per household member (average emissions per person in the United States are 20,750 pounds per year)

    You said avg was 20 tons, this says otherwise.

    gas for the truck and 104 constant summer temp are the likely culprits. At least its still less than avg. Ha, and once the next kid is born it will be 13,800 lbs/person. I think the strategy is to have a bunch of kids to split up the amount.

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