Some of these are just plain silly…

1) Wear less clothes… hmm… D-

2) Lose weight. I suppose this would help given that you would be eating less, and consuming less. Still, it sounds kinda iffy. D-

3) Pay Bills online. Really. Really? That is how you suggest saving the planet? That gets rid of like 5 peices of mail per month. How about joining the Do Not Mail list for junk mail? C

4) Green the Laundry. Using cold water will save money and electricity. I guess no-phosphate detergent would help too. This one’s legit. B+

5) Buy Vintage. Buying used items. I do this all the time, so it’s not high on my list. But, I suppose that it would change most people’s habbits. Instead of rushing out to buy a brand new tech gadget, get a used one off ebay for half the price… You’ll also be creating less waste. B

6) Ditch the gym. This one’s actually on there. They claim gyms are hard on the environment and expensive. Instead they recommend one of my favorite activities – running outside. It’s great you can enjoy God’s creation and get away from all the stress. You can also get a little tan if that interests you.  C

7) Ride a Bike. Not likely here in TX during the summer. Temps in the low to mid 100’s and poor air quality make it unhealthy to try this for a viable mode of transportation. But during the times when you could, it might be a good alternative. I think this one depends on location.  C-

8) Drink water filtered at home. You’ll save money and get rid of plastic waste. A (great idea)

9) Electronics recycling program. They want you to recycle your electronics. How about selling them (even the broken ones – just be honest) on Ebay. You’ll make more money for your stuff, and keep it from going in a landfill.  B

10) Carpooling. I wish this one had more momentum. It can really save money, and save emissions. Go for it! A

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