Recently an article appeared in the Weatherford Star Telegram addressing Parker County and Green initiatives. It’s really not that great of an article. Basically, it just says that the author understands the importance of LEED certification, and that city planning now involves green initiatives. It doesn’t praise any of them, or call for more action. The author doesn’t even seem that excited about caring for God’s creation. All he can muster at the end is a “we should think about it” attitude toward caring for the environment.

As a Christian who cares for the environment – God’s creation – I think Parker County can do better. Our county is constructing a lot of roadway right now. We are also growing in terms of businesses and population. We should try and incorporate some of the green initiatives that this person seems to know about but is too timid to advocate. I think a big step would be building a commuter parking area in Weatherford, and having the “T” – the Fort Worth Bus – provide service to it.

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