The Climate Bill (H.R. 2454) will reportedly increase your energy bill. The GOP and the Dems have very different opinions about how much this will cost the average american.The GOP says over $3,000; while the Dems say only $245 according to MSNBC. The truth of the matter probably lies somewhere between the loaded analysis provided by each party.

The bill is claiming to reduce carbon emissions by 17%. Is that all? We could just give free CFL lightbulbs to all of the 115 million US households (as projected by the US Census Beaureu) in 2010. Wouldn’t that save just about as much energy/carbon emissions? I think these bills are just more politics from a broken two party system.

What we really need are solutions which will save energy and reduce emissions, not make the cost of pollution more expensive. Raising the cost of pollution gives no incentive to keep pollution down, but it does give an incentive to raise prices – either to cover the cost of the pollution or the increased cost to keep from polluting.

Why can’t we just work on ways to do more with less? It seems that would be the best and cheapest solution.

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