Carol Browner is the Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. The EPA is thinking of mandating a new blend of gasoline – E15. This would mean that the presently mandated E10 in urban areas would be replaced with a greater amount of ethanol. As a Christian who cares about the environment – God’s creation – I am against this idea.

You may think, isn’t ethanol supposed to be good for the environment? It’s made from plants and not those dirty fossil fuels… Yes, but it is horrendously inefficient. Plus, there is the added bonus that your vehicle was not designed to run on anything containing more than 10% ethanol unless it has one of the flex-fuel logos on it. As you may have guessed E15 contains 15% ethanol. Here is the letter I wrote to some of the members:

To Whom it May Concern:

The EPA is currently reviewing a request for raising the limit on the amount of ethanol that can be blended into the gas supply.

I am firmly AGAINST this idea. I personally search out gas stations which DO NOT sell E10 gasoline. This is because using E10 has caused my vehicles to develop corrosion requiring more cleaning at the mechanic’s shop. Additionally, my mileage takes about an 15-18% drop when using E10 as compared to straight gasoline. This has been documented by others of my driving style (hypermiling) here. This amount of a drop in efficiency means that it actually creates more pollution, and requires more gasoline to be used than it would if I used straight gasoline.

Another article which details the lack of efficiency in ethanol blended fuel can be found here, written by a reputable professor.

I hope you will hear my cry,
Justin Allison

I doubt that anyone in the government will listen to me. I don’t have power. But I want to honor my God as Creator and care for his creation – the environment, so I have attempted to make my voice heard. At least now I have a clear conscience.
who/where to email:
Obama admin:
Tom Vilsack
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Steven Chu
U.S. Department of Energy

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2 comments on “Carol Browner and E15 (ethanol-blend gasoline)

  • Let’s leave God out of this for now and focus on the facts. If your findings about diminished milage due to icreeased alcohol content in gasoline is valid the matter should be looked into. Why don’t you chalange Carol Browner to a debate.
    She is just trying to save some precious non renewable resources.

    If I were Carol I would impose a heavy tax on all oil products used for combustion and use the collected funds to encourage alternative energy development. I don’t believe that killing the hen that lays golden eggs will makes sense or make GOD happy.

  • John, thanks for the input. In response to your comment:
    1) I do think that the ethanol matter should be looked into, as do plenty of others and it is being looked into.
    2) Carol Browner would not debate me. I have emailed her several times and received no response. It’s an expected response from someone who was NOT elected. She isn’t responsible to me.
    3) If she’s really trying to save “some precious non-renewable resources” then I think she should look into my first point. Additionally, I would argue that corn would be a poor source of fuel considering the starving people in the world who could be fed with that “source of energy”. I am aware that there are other methods of producing ethanol via switchgrass etc, but I would argue that the land should instead be used to produce food for the hungry. In other words I’m going to argue that it would best benefit humanity as a whole used in another way.
    4) Imposing a heavy tax doesn’t really reduce emissions, it raises money. Sure it will force polluters to raise their prices, but it doesn’t necessarily curb pollution. Remember the way gasoline prices spiked last summer? People still drive personal vehicles and gas is only about 80 cents lower now.

    The argument that taxing emissions reduces pollution rests upon the assumption that people will not pay the higher price. The problem is that the item being taxed is something that most Americans perceive as a necessary item. In other words, you can tax the energy I use on Air Conditioning all you want (assuming it’s from a coal plant), but I’m still gonna run the Air Conditioner when it’s 102 outside. What the tax on a “necessary” item will do is enrage people, and reduce their discretionary spending, thus deepienng an already deep recession.

    Finally, I will always choose NOT to leave God out of the equation. I’m a commited Christian (Evangelical even!), so my worldview is one which is colored by the suppositions that I have. Thus, my taking God out of the equation would make as much sense as telling an Atheist to put God into the equation. It’s a nonsensical statement from my perspective.

    E20 will cause likely damage 40% of vehicles
    E10 has same effect on Environment as Straight Gas
    E10 Ineffeciency stats
    More stats against Ethanol in Gasoline

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