This book argues against several different ideologies which the author sees as a threat to archeology and Biblical studies. He explores the question present in the title throughout his book in several different ways. He asks the question of each time period (ex. Iron Age, Late Bronze Age, etc), and in terms of how that question affects the meaning of the text in the present time period.

In the first chapter Dever argues that the Bible contains more than just theology. It is of use for more than just Biblical studies. He argues that the Bible contains a core of central events which are historical. Although he ultimately settles on the assertion that it contains very little authentic history in the modern sense, it does contain some history. He notes that the accounts in Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings are where the most history is present within the text. In fact he ascribes little historical value to the Pentateuch saying that it is interested in telling a story for religious purposes….

For a full review you can download the pdf here.

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