It seems like these three things don’t have much in common. But, in Psalm 146, we find that they do. Leo Perdue has put it this way: “In Psalm 146, Yahweh is the God of Jacon, the creator of heaven and earth, and the righteous judge whose justice sustains his people and creation by supporting… Read More

The Climate Bill (H.R. 2454) will reportedly increase your energy bill. The GOP and the Dems have very different opinions about how much this will cost the average american.The GOP says over $3,000; while the Dems say only $245 according to MSNBC. The truth of the matter probably lies somewhere between the loaded analysis provided… Read More

Thanks to the people over at Google for their great plugin which puts the “translate” button at the bottom of each post. This allows anyone speaking almost any major language to read my page in their own language. It works by using a translation software that google has developed. If anyone thinks that the translation… Read More

This podcast discusses E15 gasoline, theology, psalm 8, Old Testament, JC Penny, energy star, government, Carol Browner, environment, green, ecology, etc.… Read More

When I read Scripture, I approach it with certain suppositions. First, I believe it is God’s word. I am a Christian who is convinced that God wants us to care for the environment, or his creation. Because of this, when I read scripture certain words or phrases about creation speak to me that may or… Read More

Carol Browner is the Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. The EPA is thinking of mandating a new blend of gasoline – E15. This would mean that the presently mandated E10 in urban areas would be replaced with a greater amount of ethanol. As a Christian who cares about the environment –… Read More

This book argues against several different ideologies which the author sees as a threat to archeology and Biblical studies. He explores the question present in the title throughout his book in several different ways. He asks the question of each time period (ex. Iron Age, Late Bronze Age, etc), and in terms of how that… Read More