The Goode Family seems to be a sort of satire which is along the lines of “King of the Hill”. The show pokes fun at overly “green” people. It basically mocks people who live a vegan lifestyle and spend a great deal of their time thinking about the environment. But the show doesn’t stop there.

The Goode Family has an African-American neighbor, and the adopted son of the Goode Family is from South Africa – but white. This sets up some racial humor in the first episode. The show takes a jab and Political Correctness (PC) on these issues. The Goodes don’t know what the proper name for their neighbor’s ancestors is. Then, they get into a disagreement with a DMV worker about their son’s ethnicity being African-American (the dad says, “He’s African-American, he’s just not Black”).

The show poked fun at high-end organic food stores. It portrays them as overly priced, judgmental places where one’s commitment to a ‘green’ lifestyle determines their acceptence. In the episode, the store’s PA system says, “The owner of the SUV parked outside is on aisle two. He’s wearing a blue hat.”

The show has some intelligent humor, as well as some low-brow comedy. It also knocks religious people (at least stereotypes of religious people). I firmly believe that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no business laughing at others – so I’m not offended by it. But, I’m sure that some religious leaders that I’ve shaken hands with would be. I personally thought the running joke about flag pins being an identifyer for religious nuts was quite funny, but lots of people won’t find it that funny.

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