We took another step today in making our home eco-freindly. In order to cause less impact on the environment we decided to get efficient appliances when we replaced our old ones. We have had a 2oyr old washer/dryer for several years now. We bought it cheap, and were happy to get it. But, now it’s going on craigslist. That way, someone else uses it, and we don’t put it in a landfill – plus we’ll get our 50bucks back I’m sure.

In order to go green, we purchased an energy star, front-loading, washer. This was after really examining the cost/benifit stuff. My mother runs close to 20 loads a week and has been amazed at the drastic reduction in electricity and water that her front-loading machines have made. After reading more about the difference, it seems that front-loaders use about 1/3 the amount of water that top loading machines do. They spin faster too, allowing more water to be spun out of the garments before putting them into the dryer -so in theory you get shorter drying times too. As an added bonus, energy star items were tax free this weekend. So, I picked up some dimmable cfl bulbs to go green too!

We also began looking into carpet for our house. We want to replace the existing carpet which is worn and dated. We looked into a service which will remove the existing carpet and haul it to a recycle center instead of a landfill. about 80% of the material in your carpet can be recycled, according to what I’ve read. Then, we learned about carpet which is made from recycled water and soda bottles. This type of carpet is naturally stain resistant, and contains about 40 plastic bottles per square yard of carpet. It’s called recycled PET carpet (more info here).

I also found a great resource for doing a ‘green’ remodel here. It contains pdf guides for specific areas of your house (ex. kitchen, landscaping, etc).

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