My wife and are buying an existing house, in a neighborhood with nice trees. The house was built in 1997, and needs some renovation becuase it was a foreclosure, and sat empty for a while. On the upside, thank you Lord for a good deal!! Since I want to honor God in this remodel, I had to think about my choices in terms of His creation. I’m a Christian who cares about the environment; for me it’s creation care.

Since I am in the planning stages of moving and remodling, let me bring you up to speed. We are looking to repaint the entire interior of the house. This will be done with low VOC paint, which is emits less pollutants into the air we will be breathing, and the environment in general. The flooring in the entire house will be re-done as well. So, we’ll be using a laminate flooring (looks like wood, but more durable) in the living area which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. My idea is to use products that are aimed at caring for God’s creation whenever I have to replace something. In general though, the best way to lower the impact on the environment is to repurpose and the reuse items.

I’m also planning to build some sort of recycling center into some of the abundant cabinet space that the house has. If you are interested in doing this you can find a nice introductory article here. I found a great website that will tell me where to take just about anything I want to recycle – Using that in conjunction with Time to Recycle, which is just for North Texas, I have a pretty good idea of exactly what I can recycle and where – so that I can lessen my impact on the environment.

I found some great ideas for putting a slide out recycling center into my cabinets here. My area only requires me to sort into 2 different categories: 1) paper & plastic, 2) aluminum/metal, so this type of solution works well for me.

Check back later for the next installment!!

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