How NOT to live a content and simple life - the onion.

How NOT to live a content and simple life - the onion.

For those of us Christians who care about the environment (God’s creation), “green” products may attract our attention. However, this write up points out that these eco-friendly options aren’t always the most environmental freindly. I know I’m guilty of falling for some of the advertising. Think about it, do I really need that new low-power computer when I have a perfectly good one already? Do I really need to throw away anything to replace it with sustainable, or eco-friendly, options?

I don’t think so. The sheer volume of resources that I throw away in order to purchase these alternative products (with the intention of caring for God’s creation) makes them less worth-while then using what I have. Buying a new hybrid vehicle when you have a 3-5yr old vehicle doesn’t really make sense, if your purpose is to consume less resources. As a Christian who cares about the environment, the choice which consumes less resources -and therefore pollutes less- would be the option I want to pick. That would mean sticking with an automobile until it REALLY needs to be replaced. If someone really wants to live a “sustainable” lifestyle or environmentally concious lifestyle, or in our case a lifestyle which honors God as Creator, one should consider buying used items and using them for as long as possible.

That idea doesn’t fly very well in a consumer culture like ours. Instead we tend to think that buying the green product is best, when really keeping the old when is probably better. This is quite similar to the old Christian disciplines of contentment, and simplicity. These two disciplines could help one live a truly environmentally friendly, or green, lifestyle. The idea has been present in Christianity for a long time to honor the Creator by living according to these disciplines, I think it’s time we recover them.

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