The Goode Family seems to be a sort of satire which is along the lines of “King of the Hill”. The show pokes fun at overly “green” people. It basically mocks people who live a vegan lifestyle and spend a great deal of their time thinking about the environment. But the show doesn’t stop there.… Read More

The first part in a series on how to make your existing house green. This series will be largely based on my personal experience and research. And contain helpful links to other great resources!!… Read More

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Alright, what smells like bacon? It could be the smell of an 18-wheeler cruising down the highway after they’ve filled up from this station. The article discusses how the owners offer different blends of bio-diesel made from Bacon Fat. Yep, you can run your vehicle on 10%, 20%, or go whole hog and use 99%… Read More

North Texas (DFW and surrounding counties) is considering raising the gas-tax by 10 cents per gallon to pay for road improvements and rail construction (story here). This price hike would barely affect me. As you know, I’m an avid hypermiler (see for more info). I get 135% of the EPA rating in my SUV,… Read More