Thinking about the possible spread of Swine Flu has caused me to ask myself several questions. First off, is it really right to discriminate against people who are sick. At first, I think yes. For the greater good of society, we should confine those who may spread an epidemic. At the same time though, I understand it is wrongly limiting the life of a human being. That person has the same God-given rights as me, and should have the same freedoms. Perhaps a solution to this question would be for society to be able to confine the person for a pre-determined amount of time, but be required to provide for that person’s needs, so as not to limit there inherit freedom.

Additionally, did God cause this (possible) epidemic? A good Calvinist would say “yes”. I am more convinced that one of the results of sin entering the world (and in Genesis 3 the earth itself is cursed) is that there are bad things happening on the earth. So, this (possible) epidemic is just one of those bad things. At the same time God provides a way for humanity to get through circumstances like this. So, God probably hasn’t caused this, but he is active in sustaining his people through it.

More thoughts later…

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