Thinking about the possible spread of Swine Flu has caused me to ask myself several questions. First off, is it really right to discriminate against people who are sick. At first, I think yes. For the greater good of society, we should confine those who may spread an epidemic. At the same time though, I… Read More

It’s official, I received a letter notifying me of my acceptance to the Ph.D. program at Southwestern Seminary. I am still awaiting the decision of the University of Bristol before I choose where to study, but it is nice to know that I will be continuing somewhere! In other news, my family will be moving… Read More

Obama’s science advisor has stated publicly that he thinks the idea of geo-engineering is the way to hold off global warming (here). I find this idea interesting. I love technology. I love God’s creation. But, I am unconvinced about global warming. I’ve yet to see any good data supporting real warming over any extended amount… Read More

I recently presented a paper with this title at the Southwest Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. The paper was well-received, though I would have wished for more input (don’t we all!). The basic argument of the paper proceeds like this:1. Worship in the Bible is defined as fulfilling God’s commands.2. One of God’s… Read More

The blog has received some much needed attention. I am slowly learning the ways of html, and will be adjusting this site to where all the links work – eventually. I’m also in the middle of house-hunting here in TX. Things will be hectic for a while, but I will definitely be posting!!… Read More