Well, President Obama acted to get the EPA to approve California (and other states) more strict emissions standards for automobiles. His new mileage mandate would require automobiles sold in the US to achieve 35mpg (per 2008 test) by 2020. His mandate includes a 4% increase per year to achieve this (more on these actions here).

In response to Obama’s proposed stimulus/bailout (depending on which news channel you watch), the Canadian group “PowerUP Canada” is pushing for a similar deal in Canada. The proposal would nearly match the Obama proposal in funds for green goals, and would have the same purpose. Most of the money would go towards retrofitting buildings so that they are more energy efficient (more from the story here).

Personally, I am glad to hear that North America will be cutting down on pollution and wasting less energy. Though I am an independant (for politcal purposes) I really like what the democrats have proposed so far for this “green” agenda. I can only hope that there will be some sort of major rail (both passenger and freight) included in this stimulus/bailout.

So far so good, from Pres. Obama.

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