This weekend has been pretty taxing. Saturday seemed to fly by. I spent time with my wife and daughter, and then took a nice long jog. Then church on Saturday night. Then early Sunday morning my wife became sick, and I ended up taking care of her and my daughter on Sunday. Needless to say Sunday flew by. But, while they were both sleeping I’ve managed to get some reading done. It’s made me think of some questions that I’ll be dealing with for the next few months…

1) Is Recycling a Form of Worship? Or better yet, can recycling be worshipful?

2) How/Why do we Christians (namely Evangelicals) embrace some of the Levitical law (like the ones against homosexuals) and ignore others?

3) Am I going to get into a Ph.D. program this time around?

4) When did I get this old?!?!

The question about Recycling will be addressed in a paper for an Old Testament class I’m taking – so that one should be answered satisfactorily. If possible, I’ll try and present that paper at a conference in March.

Question #2 is a little more difficult and I’ll really have to think about it in between my other major tasks… probably not going to get settled in the next few months.

Question 4 is one we all deal with, and question 3 will be answered in due time. In my dream world, I would be living here in Texas at this time next year while studying at a school in England and living there in the summers for the next few years… God has a lot to show me in the next few months.

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