Some people have claimed that electric vehicles (aka plug-in hybrids), are still polluting like regular cars. They argue that the vehicles are simply transferring the pollution from their tailpipe to the “tailpipe” of the electricity plant.

That argument has obvious flaws and one guy pointed it out in the Portland Tribune (click here for the story, it’s the letter titled “EV’s Cleaner and More Efficient”). He points out that the 2002 RAV-4 EV was rated by the EPA at 112MPG equivalent. In addition, large scale electric production is less pollutant in terms of CO2 released than small scale (car engine) production. One should also think about clean energy like solar and wind, which do not pollute. If these sources power your car, then there is no pollution occuring. That is taking care of God’s creation!

One of the most impressive things about this guy’s response is that he provides sources to back up his argument – something rarely done by either side of the “Global Warming Argument”.

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