Lisa Jackson, the nominee to head the EPA under the new administration in the USA, seems firm in her commitments to the mission of the EPA. In fact, from reading this story, she seems to be as committed as Ralph Nader would be.

It really seems that she will seek to curb emissions, and to change the course of the USA with regard to pollution and environmental safety. However, one of her statements she talked about Science having the most influence. While this will help her achieve her goals, it also signals that she works from a humanist standpoint.

Naturally I work from a different starting point. I feel that if one starts with the idea that humans determine right and wrong, then it is possible to make improper judgments about right and wrong. In fact, a utilitarian idea which neglects the future of the human species would argue for ignoring environmental issues altogether and seek to achieve the greatest happiness at present.

I would rather start where the Bible (God’s revelation) starts. God created the earth, and therefore it has value. God uses the earth to bless humanity and therefore it has value. While my ideas may work out in a way that affirms similar policy to what Mrs. Jackson affirms, I begin at a totally different starting point.

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