Well, President Obama acted to get the EPA to approve California (and other states) more strict emissions standards for automobiles. His new mileage mandate would require automobiles sold in the US to achieve 35mpg (per 2008 test) by 2020. His mandate includes a 4% increase per year to achieve this (more on these actions here).… Read More

This weekend has been pretty taxing. Saturday seemed to fly by. I spent time with my wife and daughter, and then took a nice long jog. Then church on Saturday night. Then early Sunday morning my wife became sick, and I ended up taking care of her and my daughter on Sunday. Needless to say… Read More

Some people have claimed that electric vehicles (aka plug-in hybrids), are still polluting like regular cars. They argue that the vehicles are simply transferring the pollution from their tailpipe to the “tailpipe” of the electricity plant. That argument has obvious flaws and one guy pointed it out in the Portland Tribune (click here for the… Read More

Tonight, I’ll be teaching at our lifegroup. Hopefully I’ll be a discussion leader more than anything. I hope the insights I offer will be of use to everyone in the group. I’ll probably try to post my outline and possibly a recording of the session (podcast). Pray for me as I prepare, and bring the… Read More

I’m not really sure that I agree with the way that MSN has been posting the “top eco-fugitives” (the EPA’s most wanted). It’s not like they post the regular most wanted list as prominently. Sure these people have wronged us, but have they committed violent crimes? No. But this is not to say that apprehending… Read More

Lisa Jackson, the nominee to head the EPA under the new administration in the USA, seems firm in her commitments to the mission of the EPA. In fact, from reading this story, she seems to be as committed as Ralph Nader would be. It really seems that she will seek to curb emissions, and to… Read More

I received a package today, which had packing peanuts in it. When I looked at the receipt for the item, it said that the packing peanuts were biodegradable. I was shocked! It said they were made from rice and potato products, and would dissolve once they came into contact with water. So, I had fun… Read More

Check out my podcast on iTunes by following this link. Or listen to the most recent show below!The Conservative Christian Ecology podcast discusses environmental issues from a Christian worldview perspective. It is the audio companion to this blog.… Read More

I read a book called The Maker’s Diet (book) about a year ago and never really changed any habbits. But after gaining 45lbs last year – I decided to take the plunge. 8 days in, I’m down 12lbs and feeling great!! Eating Healthy organic foods, has really made a difference in the way I feel.… Read More