The USA always takes a beating from foreign press on our policy toward the environment. Recently activists blasted the U.S. at climate talks in Poland. Now, Obama gets praise from the foreign media and has pledged to make the USA a global leader on the environment.

But what will happen when he breaks this promise?

Yes, I think he will. First of all, if you read the above story, the criticism is because the Bush administration does not want to pledge enough aid, or set strict enough emissions goals. Neither will Obama!! Why? The economy is in the toiled. Every high school kid learns in their government class (which is mandated by the government ironically) that economics drives policy. It makes sense, we are a capitalist country – we look for the bottom line.

“Greens” tend to argue that the earth/climate is the bottom line in reality. But, like always, the environment will be put off as “the next generation’s problem” – after all people need jobs, we’re in a recession!!

My question for all of you Christians out there is this: Should we make decisions based on our ethics (preferably that of Jesus) or on the bottom line?

People can argue all day about how much money to spend on the environment. At the end of the day, what difference are you making? How have you adapted your behavior to care for God’s green earth?

I have started recycling like crazy. We take all kinds of stuff to the recycling bins now instead of to the curb for the trash pick-up. We try to buy only replacements for broken items. I never throw things away, instead I sell them on ebay (yes, I’m a stock-holder) or give things away. The really hard thing that I’m struggling to do now is to put together a list of companies that not only treat the environment properly, but treat people properly -and then do business with those companies…

Credit for the picture goes to chuck perry’s blog

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