I saw this video as a commercial on TV, and thought it warranted discussion…

You can even read the write-up here.

According to WikiAnswers (reliability in question…) the US only buys 23% of it’s oil from the Mid-East… (here)

PBS (reliable) seems to back this up… (here)

With this in mind, it would seem that oil is not as big of a security threat as the “WE campaign” would like to admit. Now don’t get me wrong – I think we should try and replace foreign oil with something domestic (hopefully wind and solar). I just feel that one’s argument should be based upon something realistic.

It also appears that the WE campaign is hoping to replace 28% of the energy needs by mandating more energy efficient laws and policies (here). My guess is that those will fail miserably because of the cost factor. The simple truth is that in a free-market economy, the cheapest route is going to win, regardless of it’s ethical stance. That is one of the weaknesses I see in a free-market economy (but that is another story). Of course, if the government owns all of the industries (as it appears may be the case in the future) then the cheapest route will no longer be the default choice.

I would suggest to Al Gore and his fans that they concentrate on creating a cost-effective alternative to carbon fuels if they wish to reach their goal. The bottom line is that most Americans make decisions based upon a consumption attitude (see Baudrillard’s philosophy – Stanford entry here), and not an ethical choice (in my opinion at least).

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