I get really sick of looking outside my front door and finding a big huge book of phone numbers. Do I use it? No way. The internet is a much quicker way of finding the information I need. I get it though, the companies are stuck producing these because it’s how they make money (from… Read More

Obama has picked his team of environmental crusaders. In his speech, he sounded like he really intends to change things. I hope that he does! His choice of accomplished scientists, and experienced Gore workers, leads me to believe that he really intends to get some things going here. He even mentioned that California is the… Read More

The USA always takes a beating from foreign press on our policy toward the environment. Recently activists blasted the U.S. at climate talks in Poland. Now, Obama gets praise from the foreign media and has pledged to make the USA a global leader on the environment. But what will happen when he breaks this promise?… Read More

I was in Lowes the other day, and something caught my eye. They had firelogs on display right by the register and they said, “all natural” and “burns cleaner than wood”. I thought this was a pretty goofy claim at the time, and even made a sarcastic comment to my wife about it… But I… Read More

I saw this video as a commercial on TV, and thought it warranted discussion… You can even read the write-up here. According to WikiAnswers (reliability in question…) the US only buys 23% of it’s oil from the Mid-East… (here) PBS (reliable) seems to back this up… (here) With this in mind, it would seem that… Read More

The new “Green Christian” T-shirt. I found this today, and like it. It has a good message even if it isn’t all that pretty…… Read More