A few recent events have led me to believe that Christians who view ecology as something important (in other words they are “green”), need to have thought through some ethical questions. How does one relate to those with whom they disagree? How far is one willing to go in pursuing “greener” goals? One should honor… Read More

MSNBC tends to run poorly cited articles about the environment. I think this is exactly why some groups discount the environmental emphasis or “green movement”. In a recent article on water shortages (read it here), the story comes with no evidence to back up its claims. The story mentions one scientist whom the story says… Read More

Fungus. (the image is property of Gary Strobel, Montana State Univ.) The mention of the word brings to mind an old Seinfeld episode where he thinks a girl he’s dating has some sort of fungus. The episode makes us laugh at the way we treat people who have a fungus. I’m sure most of us… Read More

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I had good reason. I had a daughter born on October 24th, and I have been adjusting to life taking care of our new family member. Both my wife and daughter are doing great. I’ll be back to my normal schedule now…… Read More