Feral hogs cause problems nationwide. They dig up crops, eat seeds, disrupt ecosystems, all of which cause monetary damage. This foreign species (foreign to N. America) is responsible for $800 million in damages to the farming industry every year!! (check it) If these animals are detrimental to ecosystems, we have to decide what to do.… Read More

I tend to harp on the phrase “caring about God means caring about his creation” around here. I thought I would tease that out in terms of technology. For example, the new Apple laptops have arrived and Apple claims that they are the “greenest laptops ever” (video and article here). Yet some tech bloggers disagree,… Read More

As the price of oil has dropped below $80 per barrel, some are thinking that the need for alternative fuel powered vehicles is not that great of a need. MSNBC ran a story here. The image is by Justin Sullivan from Getty Images. It is true that oil has dropped to a lower price than… Read More

This morning at 8:10am I turned in my thesis, “An Assessment of the Treatment of Ecology in Recent Old Testament Theologies”. Several of you may be thinking, “didn’t he already turn that in?”. This submission was not to my supervisor (as the past ones have been), but was instead to the degree office. They will… Read More

I found a story on MSNBC about the environmental dangers that Pot growing is causing in the USA (story here). Whether you think smoking pot is wrong or not (Illegal = wrong for me, plus it can’t be good for you), it has some very bad environmental impacts. I saw a documentary a while back… Read More

According to the Associate Press, “The South African government will press ahead with plans to sell just over 51 tons of ivory to China and Japan under a special exemption to the international ban on the trade” (full story here, picture by Edgar Thissen). The story points out that environmentalists generally do not support this… Read More

Time.com (Time Magazine) ran an article with this title, which supports what I claimed about the “green” agenda losing its footing to the “economic agenda” (the picture is from the Time article). Could going green actually save the economy? The article also contained an interesting idea: “So what should greens do to avoid irrelevance, now… Read More

California has signed legislation into law which will attempt to limit “sprawl” (click here for story). I admire the attempt to build communities near centers of work. However, some very obvious problems seem to stick out to me. (The picture is from La Citta Vita) 1) Would people really want to live near factories, or… Read More