This was the worst day ever on Wall street. This isn’t a blog about the economy or finances, but something this huge will affect other sectors of life. I’m interested to see if gas prices become crazy volatile again as traders sink money into commodities. It’s pretty much guaranteed that a financial crunch stifles investment in future technology, like green technology.

Was this crash something that could have been helped? Who knows. You’ll get the same old spin: Republicans will blame democrats, Dems will blame the GOP. Isn’t the greed of big business really to blame here? If the banking companies had not created this mess by pursuing ginormous profits, would we crying today? (I say crying because all of us lost money today on the market if you have a retirement account or even a money market account).

One comment on “Wall Street to kill “green” movement?

  • Well I don’t have anything in the market yet…now is a great time to buy in the next few days while everything is low. Problem is I dont’ know how to get into stocks and all that….been researching it but e-trade has like a minimum 1000 to get an account and I can’t put all my eggs in one basket at the moment….I dont’ know how all that works…buying and selling stocks.

    You think now’s a good time to get into it since everything’s so low? I think if I could find a company that could actually profit from all this economic crisis that’d be sweet….I’m sure there is some sorta company out there that provides some service…but yeah…today was bad.

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