Two things are on my radar today that merit mentioning here. The first is that Tesla (electric car manufacturer) has agreed to a deal to manufacture a new sedan in California (click here). The new vehicle will seat 5 passengers, and have a range of 225 miles. Why am I excited? This vehicle has enough range to actually be of use to me. Many Americans who live in a metropolitan area commute more than 25 miles one way. I have a 60 mile round trip commute, and sometimes run other errands. This car would actually get the job done. So, what’s the catch? The price is going to be 60 grand. It isn’t something that I can afford now, but maybe one day these cars will be affordable for the average American.

The second interesting item is a new idea called an “energy ball”. It is a spherical wind turbine that looks similar to an egg-beater (more details here). These turbines produce less noise than conventional propeller type turbines, and are 40% more efficient. Their large model costs $7,000 and produces 1,500 Kwh a year. Of course, you would still need more electricity for your house. These could be combined with a good solar panel system to power your house for years to come.

Both of these products show the willingness of both investors and consumers to move toward more energy efficient products. Imagine a future in which we drive cars which are powered by the sun and the wind instead of fossil fuel. This would allow us to have a minimal impact on God’s creation, and make use of the abundant resources God has given humanity.

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