Since the banking industry has been declared as being in a mess this week, I thought a post about the banking industry would make sense. Over on The Green Skeptic, there is an article about the banking industry building “green” buildings (click here). In fact, there is a local branch of Chase Bank in Weatherford that claims (on its signs) that it is being built as a “green” building.

Will this help the banking industry? Probably not, unless it saves them some cash. But it would help to protect the earth which God uses to bless humanity.

Will this factor into my banking choice? Probably not. There I admitted it. When I choose a bank I’m looking for something that 1) isn’t going out of business, and 2) pays a good return. The rest is not as important to me. OK, I guess “green” building could be like number 19 on my list of factors, but the point is, it isn’t the primary one.

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