I’ve been doing a little reading over at cleanmpg.com before bed lately. I noticed a little TerraPass graphic in some guys signatures, so I finally checked it out. The website is pretty cool, and looks great. The picture is one of their badges…

They have a store where you can buy energy saving devices, or even carbon credits. In addition, they have a pretty detailed carbon footprint calculator. I was a little disappointed in my results with it, because my energy provider uses all fossil fuel (it’s a co-op so I can’t opt out). This is especially disappointing when there is wind energy available close by at 4 cents per kwh cheaper than what we pay.

The site also details the company’s projects (clean energy, farm power, and landfill gas capture).

For us Christians who wish to reduce our detrimental impact upon God’s creation, this website will be somewhat helpful. It can suggest a few ways that you can lessen your carbon footprint as well as support a good cause. The only reason I’m not too excited about it is that I haven’t seen any data supporting the validity of carbon offsets. Does anyone have any?

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