Evidently most Brits are only “green” on a part-time basis. The article which details this can be found here. Interestingly, the farther up the scale of being committed to an earth conscious lifestyle, the more likely the people are to take long flights. Why does this seem odd to me? Long flights are supposed to be really bad for the environment.

To be fair, I suspect that most people here in the USA aren’t as earth conscious as people in Britain, and Europe, and Japan. Even though many Texans aren’t environmentalists, they are not hypocritical about it. But, that’s neither here nor there.

I’m really interested if the data in this study was obtained through a survey or hard data. If it was a survey, then it is likely that many who were considered eco-saints lied about their behavior “on holiday”.

This subject of earth conscious (or “green”) vacationing gave me an idea. Why don’t some airlines start a “green” fair? They could include an offset as part of the price of the ticket. I wonder how well those would sell.

I take trips to see family frequently. When we travel, we are definitely less careful about how we dispose of waste products, and where we eat. This has not been because of a conscious choice, instead it is because we -like the brits- don’t think about it.

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