I ran across this blog entry called “eating local saves the planet“. It sounds good to me. I understand the logic. My fast food costs tons of extra pollution in transportation, processing etc. It also requires paying for extra jobs like driving trucks, packaging, etc. In other words, there is a lot more “waste” in non-local food. On the other hand, if I eat local food that is organically grown (in season) then I can cut out the middle man, save money and pollution, and pay the one who grows the food more.

But I have a major problem. Farmers in my area grow hay. There are basically no crops to speak of. They are ranchers or old guys who are collecting gov’t subsidies. I don’t own my own house, so I can’t plant or grow anything. There is a farmer’s market but it sells stuff and not produce or meat. Does anyone have any advice for me?

I understand that my choice to drink coffee from a major brand name means that I am supporting their way of paying people a substandard wage in a 2/3 world country and then exporting it to the US and making a killer profit. The only stores in my county are Wal-mart and chain grocery stores. I try to purchase items with a “fair trade” or “USDA organic” label when I can, but I can’t always afford it. My only other alternative is driving 45 minutes to an “acceptable” store/market and then paying double what i would at Wal-mart.

What am I to do? Ethically? How can I be faithful in this? How can I help bring justice in my food choices?

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  • If growing (even some) of your own food can be done in the city, then it can also be done in a rental.

    Here’s are some links but I suspect they may not be what you’re looking for.




    If I were a college student looking for a way to support sustainable foods, I might consider not going it alone… Find 3 or 4 other like-minded individuals (or just 1 other, if the two of you are dedicated to it) and form a club, then solicit other members! With a brain trust working together, you’re not relying on simply your own view of your county – other eyes are looking for opportunities with you.

    The farmer’s market was a great idea – I’m sorry that didn’t work out for you. That’s a major reason I was so happy my county restarted their farmer’s market this year.

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