After checking a couple of articles, it seems that Biden has record of making pro-environment choices. I should say that I am not endorsing Obama-Biden, or McCain-whoever. I will be voting for a third party candidate.

One article says, that he wants to take away the subsidies from oil companies. He voted to regulate mercury emissions from smokestacks. He voted no to more funding for forest roads and fish habitat. He voted YES on continuing desert protection in California. He voted to end commercial whaling and illegal trade in whale meat.

His website lists his position on some environmental issues. He has voted to try and slow climate change (here). He plans to reduce power plant emissions, and improve efficiency in cars and trucks. He hopes to protect Alaska’s wildlife, and defend clean-air and water. Senator Biden co-authored the plan that provides debt relief to developing nations in exchange for protecting tropical rainforests that are critical to the global climate.

So, it seems that Biden has a record of being pro-environment.

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