Free market economy shouldn’t include government loans to bad businesses! The big 3 will be pushing for government loans this week, which they claim will help them through these dark times of the economy. But is the economy really in dark times (see the GDP growth projections) or is this just a market correction to weed out bad businesses, and bad business models?

Remember, that these are the same companies who have lobbied against the new mileage standards (here). So, they try and keep the MPG of their cars low, then can’t sell them because nobody wants cars with low MPG’s. Then, they cry that they need a government bailout because nobody wants their low MPG vehicles. Does this seem crazy to anyone else?

I say let the poorly run companies die. Honda’s and Hyundai’s and Toyota’s are all assembled here in the USA. They don’t seem to have any trouble selling vehicles, and aren’t going bankrupt. Then again, they sell good vehicles in the USA. Ford makes good vehicles for Europe, but doesn’t sell them here (they even offer a turbo diesel compact in outside the USA).

Anybody really think the government should loan them money?

One comment on “Detriot Auto wants Government Money with No Stipulations

  • To answer your last question in this post:NOPE.

    I have some questions about your position on our relationship with the rabbits we breed in the basement. They are well kept and talked to and sung to nicely. We give the does a lot of rest between litters.
    Then when it comes time to butcher, I usually have to read Psalm 8 to be able to do it. It’s cleaner meat than we can buy and is excellent for our diet. It’s just hard to sacrifice them. I tend to think that’s the lesson for us. It was hard for Abraham to offer Isaac and very hard for our Father to give His Only Son.

    And while I’m on the subject, there seems good argument on both sides of the question about animals having an afterlife.

    I appreciate your attention to my questioons.

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