An article on discusses the discovery of what seems to be a green or moist period in the region which is now the Sahara Desert (read here). To me this isn’t that revolutionary of an idea. If the continental drift theory is remotely correct, then it seems likely that just about any region on earth has been green, desert, and mountain at some point…

One interesting point that the author makes in paragraph 18 is that this greener, moister period was caused by a change in the earth’s orbit. My question is: How can that possibly be known? One would have to have atmospheric samples from that period (perhaps ice cores?), as well as some sort of evidence for the amount of light that reached the ground, etc. It just seems that there are too many variables to control for this to be “certain”.

While I may be incorrect on the above issue, it seems likely that the author has not considered a 2nd issue. If the earth’s orbit was the cause, then how are we to know that fossil fuel pollution causes the greenhouse effect? Could it not be a small variation in the earth’s rotation, or perhaps a sunspot cycle?

For the Christian, these questions should not keep one from caring for creation. Our motivation is not found in some sort of crisis mentality. Instead, a Christian’s motivation for caring for God’s creation is the fact that God created it and entrusted it to us. He still uses his creation as a way of blessing us. We shouldn’t treat his gift as a trash can, but instead should seek to take care of it, and treat it properly -with the respect that is due a gift from such a wonderful God.

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