A clever blogger recently wrote an interesting piece about the illusion of MPG gains. You can read their article here. The math makes sense, and shows that a rating of gallons/100mi (or something similar) would make more sense, and provide a better comparison. In other words, an increase from 25mpg to 50mpg seems huge because there is a discrepancy of 25 between the two. But, if one switched to gallons/100mi, the comparison comes out to be 4gal/100mi to 2gal/100mi. This is a much more valuable comparison because what people really want to know is the amount of money that they will have to spend on gasoline.

This is something that has been suggested over on cleanmpg.com before. It would be nice to see congress change the rating standards to make things a little easier to grasp. But, I think a change to gal/100mi is unlikely because consumers and automakers will likely resist change.

What does this matter for the Christian? It doesn’t unless you want to use less fossil fuels/cause less pollution.

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