Rest and be ThankfulOriginally uploaded by Krasnyi Fotoapparat While forcing myself to take a sabbath today, I read an article by Jon Cobb Jr., “Ecojustice and Christian Salvation”. In this essay he lists alternatives to treat the world in terms of a sustainable approach. He first mentions viewing the world in terms of regions. This… Read More

Evidently most Brits are only “green” on a part-time basis. The article which details this can be found here. Interestingly, the farther up the scale of being committed to an earth conscious lifestyle, the more likely the people are to take long flights. Why does this seem odd to me? Long flights are supposed to… Read More

I ran across this blog entry called “eating local saves the planet“. It sounds good to me. I understand the logic. My fast food costs tons of extra pollution in transportation, processing etc. It also requires paying for extra jobs like driving trucks, packaging, etc. In other words, there is a lot more “waste” in… Read More

Free market economy shouldn’t include government loans to bad businesses! The big 3 will be pushing for government loans this week, which they claim will help them through these dark times of the economy. But is the economy really in dark times (see the GDP growth projections) or is this just a market correction to… Read More

After checking a couple of articles, it seems that Biden has record of making pro-environment choices. I should say that I am not endorsing Obama-Biden, or McCain-whoever. I will be voting for a third party candidate. One article says, that he wants to take away the subsidies from oil companies. He voted to regulate mercury… Read More

After Nature’s Revolt Is a collection of essays edited by Dieter T. Hessel. “The contributors to this book share three assumptions. First, the world faces unprecedented environmental peril that will have profound ecological and social effects. Second, this situation exposes major problems in the (Western) Christian tradition and stimulates theological-ethical rethinking to meet the future.… Read More

green & blueOriginally uploaded by Martjusha An emphasis on ecology has lead some to rethink terms such as “sin” and “redemption”. When considering these themes in light of ecology, some have come to understand these terms in new ways. Sin has been interpreted as “wrong relationship”, and redemption is seen as restoring people and the… Read More

An article on discusses the discovery of what seems to be a green or moist period in the region which is now the Sahara Desert (read here). To me this isn’t that revolutionary of an idea. If the continental drift theory is remotely correct, then it seems likely that just about any region on… Read More

A clever blogger recently wrote an interesting piece about the illusion of MPG gains. You can read their article here. The math makes sense, and shows that a rating of gallons/100mi (or something similar) would make more sense, and provide a better comparison. In other words, an increase from 25mpg to 50mpg seems huge because… Read More

Recently, the EPA denied the Texas Governor’s request for a waiver on E10 RFG. (Read the story here). I’m all for changes to help the environment, but I DO NOT THINK E10 RFG actually helps things. I want to put aside the argument of rising corn prices as a result of adding corn based ethanol.… Read More