This blogger correctly mentions that Christianity does away with notions of animism. Unfortunately they fail to mention the arguments that have been brought against the views of Lynn White Jr. In addition, they seem to be submitting a view of the earth which goes beyond the usual limits of general revelation, and goes so far as to say that harming the environment is sin.

In discussing the noted eco-theologian, and 3rd wave feminist Sallie McFague, she correctly mentions that “we must assume that God created all life for HIM and not us.” However, this blogger goes to far when she says that “the earth is the new poor.”

Many have bought into this eco-feminist tendency. Understanding the earth as “the new poor” would entail several other logical positions which few evangelicals (and this is a blog about evangelical eco-theology) would want to embrace. The most basic of which is the earth would have to be a subject in the philosophical sense. Simply put, these things would have to have thoughts, feelings, and voices, in the same way as humans conceive of each other. This does seem to be the case at first glance when reading texts like Psalm 19 “the heavens declare the glory of God”… However, many OT scholars note that this text and others like it fall into the category of anthropomorphism. The author is ascribing to the subject (here stars, moon, mountains, etc) a human-like function, or activity. In this line of thinking then, the sun, moon, mountains, etc. are really just bearing the marks of God’s handiwork. Those marks which they bear demonstrate the power of the creator. It is in this sense that they are declaring his glory… Who would admit that they actually have physical voices (other than deep ecologists)?

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