A group called the National Council of Churches of Christ as a part of their Eco-Justice program advocates church buildings being built to “green” specifications. One important element in their argument is that this would save the local congregation great amounts of cash each month (and year) which could be spent on other ministries. I think this is an important piece of the argument which needs to be used more than it currently is. This way, when churches are building new buildings (and most churches really like buildings for some reason) they can see that their is an option which will reduce their long-term costs, freeing up money for ministry (which is what churches are for in my opinion). This cost element of the argument could prove to be incredibly persuasive for those who are on the fence about building a “green” building. It may even attract the attention of some congregations which are yet to understand God’s desire for humans to care for creation…

Write-up with link to full-report.

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  • Thanks, Justin, to calling some attention to this report. Hopefully it can be an entry point to the larger conversation on the ministry of building green. I linked to your post on our blog (http://ecojustice.wordpress.com/), too. Thanks for providing this space, good stuff!

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