I haven’t published a blog entry in quite some time, I know. The main reason is that I have been busy researching and writing my Thesis, “An Assessment of the Treatment of Ecology in Four Recent Old Testament Theologies.” Let’s face it, the thing isn’t going to win any best-seller awards. But, it is exciting and entertaining to me.

While thinking about all of these ecological and spiritual issues, I have been watching TV, and reading articles on the internet. In this post I simply want to make some of you aware of what I have found recently. The History Channel has recently run a couple of episodes of Modern Marvels which are called Environmental Tech (there are 2 episodes). You can watch them from my home PC (I love mediacenter PC’s!) by clicking this link here.

These episodes describe some things that you can do at home to help take care of the planet by reducing waste, and wasting less energy. The first product they mention is called GreenSwitch. This product allows your home to waste less energy by eliminating power consumption from TV’s and other items when you are away from home (did anyone else not know that these items consume energy even when turned off?).

The second item mentioned is a kitchen composter. I know that sounds disgusting, but it isn’t. The NatureMill indoor composter doesn’t emit any oder at all! But it does turn all of your food scraps into compost in about 2 weeks. Then, you can use it to fertilize your garden or yard. And, it only costs about 50 cents a month to operate.

On another front, there are some who say we are not experiencing man-made global warming. I must admit, I am not absolutley sure of this myself, though I am inclined to think we are. You can read the story here. Basically, they are working from the premise that Global climate is more affected by the amount of radiation emitted from the sun than from the amount of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. I am inclined to believe this because the sun obviously emits TONS of energy. Surely the past fluctiuations in climate were at least influenced by fluctuations in the sun’s production. But, interestingly, global climatologists neglect to mention that differences in the Sun’s production could even influence our climate in a measurable way.

Obviously when people talk about global warming being a positive, they are misguided… Who wants rising sea level and less fresh water? But perhaps humanity does have less of an influence on the climate than we thought. Nevertheless, from an Old Testament point of view it seems that we should strive to make as little negative impact on God’s creation as possible.

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