Yesterday in my Genesis Exegesis class we discussed the idea of God blessing creation and mankind in chapter one. The professor suggested that God had given a unique blessing to mankind to have dominion over the earth. Then he went on to suggest that the book of Genesis shows that when people try to secure God’s blessing apart from God things go desperately wrong (i.e. Tower of Babel). It was an interesting idea.

Then, later that day, I read the first chapter of a book called The Maker’s Diet. This book was a talking point at a recent family gathering. I decided I would check it out. In the book the author suggests that the current method of using pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals actually robs the soil of its nutrients and by extension robs humans of the nutrients that the food was intended to provide us. That idea combined with the earlier discussion got me wondering.

Are our modern farming methods a way of attempting to secure God’s blessing without pursing God? If so, is it any wonder that humanity seems to be in a bad situation right now? Could our attempt to feed our species through a reliance upon a method of science rather than a dependence upon our Creator actually have harmful effects on our physical bodies (not to mention our spiritual condition)? Of course, I’m not sure about these things -I’ve only been thinking about it for a day, and haven’t done any research on it (though it seems like an interesting topic). Anyway, it’s food for thought.

The picture is of a vineyard somewhere on the Mediterranean Coast.

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