Well, as anticipated I was told I need to do a bit more tweaking on my prospectus. I am supposed to give a little more detail on the outline of my main argument, as well as add a few more books. All in all, this won’t require too much more work. I hope to finish… Read More

Well, things are moving forward here on the ecological homefront… I guess. I finally got my applications mailed off to England where I was told that good things awaited me. We’ll see. Did anyone catch the history channel show this week about the coming oil apocalypse? What about the one called “A Global Warning”? They… Read More

This past weekend was Homecoming at Baylor University, Waco’s best university. As you can tell, part of the festivities included a bonfire. This year had more people than I remembered, but a smaller fire. Luckily the small fire was able to burn down the Texas Tech logo, which was about all the damage BU was… Read More